Realistic ,Blackwork,Cover ups , Geometric ,Chaotic ,Ornamental


Welcome to my art and ink world! I'm Leo, and tattooing is my life. I love creating everything from lifelike portraits, cool sketch designs, and intense blackwork to cover-ups. My thing? Originality. I draw all my designs, so each tattoo is unique, just like you. I speak English, Turkish, and some German, so communication's easy.

Here's the deal: I charge by the project, not the time. Whether it's one session or more, the price stays the same. An A4 tattoo costs between 1000 and 1500 euros, and A5 is 750 to 1000 euros. If you need to break up the sessions, we can work out the price.

Let's create something amazing together. Your ideas plus my skills equals a tattoo you'll love. Can't wait to get started!