11-16 MARCH

Fırat Yücedağ

Minimal geometric fineline black and grey


Firat is an exceptionally skilled tattoo artist who creates super unique designs. His style often combines geometric fineline with minimal chaotic realism in black and grey. Each tattoo he creates is a true work of art. Firat is fluent in English and Turkish, and he regularly visits our studios in Hamburg and Essen. His passion for tattooing and his creative approach make him a sought-after artist. He takes great care in translating his clients' ideas into a one-of-a-kin If you're looking for an extraordinary tattoo design that reflects your individual style, Firat is the artist for you. His exceptional designs will captivate you and ensure that you wear a piece of art that will accompany you for a lifetime. Book an appointment with Firat today and experience his talent and creativity firsthand. Together, you can create a tattoo that truly represents your personality and leaves a lasting impression.