Antonio Vonde

All rounder , realistic , cover up


Hey, I’m Antonio Vonde from Slovenia, and I’m all about creating awesome tattoos. I love working in different styles, so no matter what you’re imagining, I’m your guy. Realism is my jam - I can turn your ideas into super detailed, lifelike tattoos. Thinking of a portrait or a nature piece? I’ve got you covered.

Got an old tattoo you want to redo? I’m also great at cover-ups, transforming old ink into something new and amazing. If you’re into bold looks, check out my blackwork tattoos - they’re all about striking contrasts and cool linework.

I’m also into Celtic tribal designs, blending ancient symbols with a modern twist. And don’t worry about language barriers; I speak Slovenian, English, and German, so we can chat easily about your tattoo.

Want to know more or get a quote? Just reach out, and let’s make some amazing tattoo art together!