Zoltan Csaba

Realistic , Cover ups , Fineline ,Viking Celtics,Color


Hey there! I'm Zoltan from Hungary, and I'm all about creating awesome black and grey realistic tattoos, cool cover-ups, and unique designs with Viking and Celtic vibes. I'm not just a tattoo artist; I love to paint and draw too. It's all about bringing c

For tattoos up to A4 size, I charge a flat rate of 650 euros. It's all about keeping things simple and clear.

Chatting with me is easy because I speak Hungarian, German, and English. So, let's talk about your tattoo ideas without any language hassles.

I'm pumped to work with you on your next tattoo. It's going to be something special and personal, just for you. Check out my work, and if you like what you see, let's get started on your tattoo journey together!