Fineline, lettering ,geometric , minimal ,chicano


Hey, I’m Esteban from Colombia, and I love doing fineline, lettering, geometric, and chicano style black and grey tattoos. I’m all about the details and making each tattoo unique and awesome. I speak Spanish and English, and I can get by in German too, so chatting with clients from all over is easy for me.

My tattoos are priced fairly for the quality I deliver. For A5 tattoos, it’s between 400 to 600 euros, depending on how complex it gets. Bigger A4 ones from 600 to 800 euro .

Booking with me is super simple. Just fill out the form on the page, and let me know what you’re thinking for your tattoo. I love hearing your stories and turning them into amazing tattoos that mean something special to you.

Check out my portfolio to see the range of cool stuff I do, from sleek fineline to bold lettering and intricate geometric designs. Ready to get inked? Book a session with me and let’s make a tattoo that’s as unique as you are!